ArchichefNight Paris

Tuesday 4th July - h: 6:30pm


13 bis avenue Parmentier, Paris 11ème

With the participation of

Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architectes


OXO Architectes


Chef Ronny Zipfel

After completing my apprenticeship and spending several years working in some of the finest establishments in Germany and Switzerland, including the two Michelin-starred Residence restaurant in Essen and The Chedi in Andermatt, I served as head chef at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Rigiblick in Zurich from 2016 to 2020, where we also received a 16-point rating from Gault Millau. Since 2022, I have been serving as the executive chef at Sablier Zurich.


Chef Basile Vaillant

Fueled by the art of good-eating, Basile Vaillant began his culinary adventure in the field in 2015. His goal: to produce vegetables according to a new, healthy and virtuous agricultural model, respectful of the environment. Back in Paris in 2018, he had the opportunity to manage a restaurant. Two years later, strengthened by this experience, he opened his own restaurant, Achi, to sow and share the love of good products, from field to fork. For Basile, it's through the tastes and flavors we discover at Achi that we can ask ourselves more questions: "Where does it come from? How is it grown?". The idea is to encourage people to consume differently, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, around surprising and tasty dishes inspired by the seasons.